Tuesday 6 September 2016

What's In My Holiday/Travel Make-Up Bag?

So the last few days I've been trying to decide on the make-up bits I'll be taking on holiday. If you're reading this post on the upload day, then I'm actually heading on holiday tomorrow. I'm off to Ibiza with my family and some friends and I'm pretty excited. Although it wasn't even that long ago I was on holiday, I'm definitely ready for another one.  

So I always try to switch up my make-up choices a little when I go away, purely because I own so much of the stuff, it's nice to use different products when you're away in the sun. I thought I would put together this little post incase any of you are interested and show you a few of the bits I'm planning on taking in my make-up bag. 

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue - A summer favourite of mine! I always reach for this when I'm heading to a hot country because it's just the perfect consistency! It's got a light coverage so allows my freckles to show through and it's also got SPF 30 in which is great! I love using this during the day on holiday because it gives me that little bit of coverage I'm after, whilst protecting my skin from the sun at the same time. 

L'oreal Infallible Fixing Spray - Setting/fixing sprays are great to take on holiday with you! They are so versatile and a definite must have. I use mine to freshen up my skin throughout the day and cool me down and also in the evenings to set my make-up and attempt to keep it on my face throughout the heat. This setting spray is great because it's actually got little powder particles in it so help keep that shine at bay. 

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer - This concealer got pushed to the back of my drawers for quite a while however recently I've rediscovered it and it's slowly but surely becoming one of my favourites again. It's a dream to blend and can be used under the eyes to brighten or to cover spots and/or blemishes. I know it's pricey, but there's definitely no other concealer out there that compares to it. 

Rimmel Good To Glow Highlighter 'Soho Glow' - Another product that I always reach for when the sun comes out. It's extremely rare that I get on with a liquid highlighter but this one just works with my skin. I love using it on holiday as it acts a bit like a bronzer and a highlighter all in one and just gives your skin such a beautiful glow. I love using this in the evenings on holiday, it just looks amazing and it's really affordable. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Riviera' Illuminator - A product I very rarely talk about. I must say, this is probably a product I do actually regret buying a little purely because it's way too dark for my skin. I can imagine this highlighter looking gorgeous on a darker skin tone but on someone with a pale complexion like myself, it just doesn't really work. I'm hoping to try and use it on holiday when I'm (hopefully) looking a little more sun kissed because it makes me sad that I spent so much money on it and don't ever use it. 

H&M 'Ready, Set, Glow' Eyeshadow Palette - A new palette to my collection. The warm colours in this palette will definitely complement a tan, so I thought this would be a good little palette to take away with me. From swatching the colours, they seem quite buttery and pigmented so I'm excited to actually try them out. The packaging is small too, so great for travelling! 

MAC 'Shale' Eyeshadow - After having a my one to one make-up session in MAC a week or so back, I discovered a new product for my brows. Although this isn't designed for your brows, it actually works really well and leaves them looking ash toned, which I love. I will definitely be taking this one with me. Also, I love the fact you can use it for your brows and as an eyeshadow too! 

MAC 'Moth' Pigment - Another new product to my collection that I've been completely obsessed with. You can use it in so many different ways and I love how dramatic it can look. 

NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel - You all know I'm forever testing out new brow gels, and this is my current one. I'm loving it so far. It's affordable and does the job, what more can I ask for?

17 Va Va Voom Mascara - I've had this mascara for a little while now and quite often find myself going back to it. It makes my lashes look amazing! I'm not really into waterproof mascara, otherwise I would have taken one of them. 

MAC 'Honeylove' Matte Lipstick - This nude lipstick is also another new obsession of mine and I can't wait to wear it on holiday. Although it's matte, it's not too drying on the lips which is great because nobody wants that, especially in the sun! 

MAC 'It's A Strike' Lip Glass - Yet again, another new product to my collection. You'll probably all know that I'm not usually a fan of lipgloss, but after falling in love with the shade of this one and buying it a little while back, I know I definitely want to take it on holiday with me. 

I hope this blogpost was helpful to some of you. I know that summer is basically over, but theres still time to go on a last summer holiday! 

Let me know what you would take in your make-up bag!