Tuesday, 3 January 2017


A couple of days ago, I would have been fine to write this post...but a lot hand things have changed so dramatically and it's left me in a bit of a confused state. 

2016 was definitely a year of high's and low's for me. I cried more tears over the last year than I've probably cried my entire life but at the same time, I've made some incredible memories and learned a lot about myself. I learnt how to love, but I also learnt that with love comes heartbreak and eventually loss which I guess is something we all have to deal with at some stage in our lives. 

So aside from the negative and sad things I've dealt with, I've also had the best year when I look at the bigger picture. I visited Brighton with one of my best friends for my Birthday, I travelled to Ibiza not once, but twice and had the trip of a lifetime with a group of friends. My sister got married and I was her bridesmaid. It was such a perfect day. I filmed with Superdug in London for their YouTube channel with is something I should be SO proud of! I saw my favourite band in London and had the best night ever and all in all I made the best memories which I will cherish forever. 

Although I'm entering 2017 in a fragile and confused state of mind, I'm hopeful for the year ahead and I pray that things work out. 

Emily Rose 

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