Saturday 29 October 2016


You can probably all guess the amount of make-up I have stored away in my bedroom and incase you can't, it's a lot! Far too much in fact. So I recently decided to have a clear out. I basically turned out my make-up units and put aside everything I don't use or don't need. Don't worry, I didn't throw it away! I put it in little bags and gave it away to friends or family. It was such a great feeling knowing that somebody else will get much more use out of my old make-up and appreciate it far more than I did. Alongside my huge make-up addiction which encourages me to constantly buy new make-up, I do also get sent quite a lot of make-up products which usually end up getting used once and then put aside. That's the way it's always going to be because I am a beauty blogger and I'm not complaining at all. It was just such a great feeling to have a huge clear out and it gave me some inspiration for this post. 

Today I'm going to be talking to you about storing your make-up and share with you any tips or tricks that I have. 

It may be pretty obvious but the first thing you need to do is make sure you've got appropriate storage. You may not own much make-up and in this case you would be fine with a few small bags or maybe a set of acrylic storage. Or you could be a huge make-up addict like me and need a little more room for your make-up. I currently use 2 Alex units from IKEA to store the majority of my make-up and beauty products in. They look incredible in my bedroom and they really do allow me to store my make-up just the way I like. I am aware that it may seem pretty excessive but I can assure you that not all of the drawers are completely full and I don't just keep my make-up in them.

You then need to organise everything. I have specific drawers for different make-up products. For example I have a Primer drawer and a foundation/concealer drawer. It visually pleases me having it organised this way and it also makes it a lot easier when it comes to applying my make-up or if i'm looking for a certain product.

Using dividers in your make-up drawers will also make it a lot easier to navigate certain products. For example in my 'Eyes' drawer, I have separate containers to split up mascaras and eyeliners etc.

Keeping everything beauty related in one place will also make your life a whole lot easier. Things like cotton pads and buds should be kept close by to ensure they're easily accessible if any mistakes are made whilst applying your make-up.

My last tip is probably pretty obvious but if you are a huge lover of make-up like myself and you find a lot of your make-up just doesn't get used, get rid of it! Give it away to friends and family members of if it's in good condition, sell it and earn some money! There's no use holding onto old make-up that you never use as it will only dry up and take up precious space in your make-up storage. This way, you can make way for new make-up too, hehe!

Let me know if you have any tips or tricks you like to use when it comes to make-up storage!

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