Tuesday 23 February 2016

How to stay organised | Top tips

Staying organised and keeping onto of things can be difficult. For a lot of us, we have the struggles of balancing work with a social life and also for me (and many of us), blogging. Recently I feel like I've got it all under control and I'm going to share with you a few tips and tricks on how I manage to cope...

1. Get a diary/ planner. I'll be honest with you, I actually have 3 diaries on the go, which is completely unnecessary, I know. I use my personalised Pirongs planner for my blogging which is my favourite out of the three. I use this to plan out blogposts and videos for my YouTube channel and since using it at the beginning of January, it's honestly made my life 10 times easier. The planner is lay out is so beautiful and so easy to use! Using the planner enables me to plan months in advance and without this planner I honestly would struggle to carry on with my blogging. I then have a personal diary which I use on a daily basis to plan out trips away, girly lunches and family outings! I have a rose gold diary from WHsmiths and I love that too! Lastly I have a diary for college which quite simply helps me to get any college work done on time. Planning is definitely my top tip for keeping organised and staying stress free! 

2. Prioritise! Although I could sit and film videos and blog all day long that's not my number 1 priority (unfortunately). Getting on top of college work is definitely at the top of my list because essentially that's what is going to get me a job when I finish it. So I usually make sure I have most of my college work done before I move onto blogging work. Although my YouTube is (sort of) work, I still see it as a hobby and something to do for fun. However I am very tight with my schedule and like to keep on top of videos and make sure they all go up on time (and blogposts obviously). Seeing friends and family is also super important because happiness should 100% be at the top of your list so making sure you're not just working 24/7 is important and giving yourself breaks and time from work is important too. 

3. Be realistic. As much as you could just sit at a desk all day and get work done, that's not going to help your brain function at all, therefor ending up getting stressed and not producing top quality work. When I'm planning out my day I always leave time for myself to sit back and relax and do a few things that will make me happy. Life isn't just all about working so you need to remember that. Also, trying to cram in too much work in one day is going to stress you out which will result in your mood being low. You need to be realistic about what you can do each day and don't go over your limit. 

Do you have any tips on staying organised? Let me know!

Lots of love x