Saturday 20 February 2016

A Night Away For Valentines | The Magdalen Chapter

After a long relaxed morning in bed on Valentines Day, Jordan and I headed to a hotel quite near by which I've been to before and loved. We went to the Magdalen Chapter which is a gorgeous hotel situated right in the centre of Exeter (Devon). We stayed for one night and during our stay we had a three course Valentines meal down at the restaurant. 

I'm pretty sure this was the first Valentines I've ever actually spent with a boyfriend and definitely the first time i've ever actually gone away to do something special. 

We stayed in a standard room, which was quite small but definitely big enough for the two of us. The staff are all really friendly in the hotel and were very helpful if we had any questions or queries. 

Luckily, the hotel is only a short walk from the centre of town (where all of the shops are) so we went for a little walk and headed to Starbucks to kill some time before we needed to get ready for the meal. 

The bathroom was absolutely lovely and definitely my favourite part of our room, the mirrors were huge and it felt like such a great space to get ready in. 

We both made ourselves look presentable (I actually wore a dress which is a shock) and then headed down to the restaurant where we were seated and brought over bread and water straight away. The service was pretty quick considering the restaurant was so busy, but they did leave enough time in-between courses which was nice. 

Jordan and I both had a baked cheese fondue with flatbread to dip for starter which was SO spicy! I think we both struggled a little as neither of us are great with spicy foods. The flatbread were covered in chilli! We then both had fish for main which was nice. The portion sizes were quite small but for me that's great as I don't have a huge appetite, plus thats what you seem to get when you go to these fancy restaurants, but that's fine by me. 

For dessert I went for a chocolate fondant because that's my all time favourite pudding, and Jordan went for cheese and biscuits. I must say, it wasn't the best chocolate fondant I've had, but it was okay. 

We finished dinner and then went and got a drink from the bar and chilled in the library downstairs for a while before heading back up to the room for the evening. 

Breakfast the next day was lovely too, they had such a huge selection of foods which I was really impressed with. 

All in all it really is a lovely hotel and if you're in the Exeter area and looking for a place to stay, I would definitely recommend considering this one, especially if you want to treat yourself!

What did you get up to on Valentines Day? Let me know! 

Lots of love x

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