Saturday 4 June 2016

Goodbye May

Hello readers, I always feel a huge burst of excitement when it comes to writing these monthly 'round up' posts. I think it must be because I've always been such a lover of keeping a diary and these posts I've started writing have sort of become a monthly dairy/catch up thing. I'm loving them and I hope you are too! 

Just like every month has been and will be, there were up's and downs in May which I'm going to blabber on about in this post! I hope you don't get too bored...


IBIZA - Myself and a few girlfriends booked an exciting girls holiday to Ibiza for July! I am absolutely buzzing and cannot wait to spend some time in the sun with my friends. We booked this holiday at the beginning of May when I was going through a bit of a rough patch. It really helped to cheer me up and realise that there are always things to focus on and now it's only 1 month away I really cannot wait.

BIRTHDAY NIGHT OUT - A couple of days before my actual birthday I had a great night out (with a little too much drink involved) with lots of my friends! We had the best night, even if I did get a little too drunk and it made me realise that I have lots and lots of great friends who I adore.

BRIGHTON - One of the best parts of the month! As you all probably know by now, Brighton is definitely one of my favourite places, ever, and I luckily got to go there for a little break with my friend Alysha for my 19th Birthday. I wrote a separate blogpost on the trip here and I also vlogged so if you would like to watch those videos then head over to my YouTube channel. But I had an amazing time and I fell even more in love with Brighton than I already was. I definitely want to live there one day.

COLLEGE - I have almost finished my third year of college now and near the end of May we had to put on a show and get our final grade for hair design. I came out with a Distinction which I was amazed by. I've never been the biggest fan of hairdressing, I'm definitely more into the make-up side of things, but because of my plans for the future I knew I needed to give it my all and try my best to come out with top marks for hair design, and thats what I did!

BOYFRIEND - Okay, I have no idea where to even start with this. A lot of you will know that a few months ago, Jordan and I broke up. I went through probably the most painful, heartbreaking time of my life and it was absolutely horrible. I was in such a low place and I tried to not let that reflect on social media, but I believe it did. I briefly touched on the subject in a couple of videos and blogposts because I share my life online, which is my choice, so I felt like I should explain. Obviously, a relationship involves two people and so there had to be some privacy within the whole event and I did keep a lot of it private, which I am glad about. Jordan and I never really stopped speaking, even after the break up. We went through a lot. A lot of arguments and a lot of bad patches and even though we were apart for a couple of months, we never properly had a break from each other. There was still constant contact which made it all a lot more difficult. Now, a few months down the line, a lot has changed and I am really really happy to share with you all that we are now back together, officially. It hasn't been for long and things are still just getting back to normal, but it's going to be different this time, it just has to be. I've not addressed this in a video yet, and it will probably be a while before I do. However, I'm not keeping it a secret and obviously I don't mind people knowing (you will probably have guessed from Twitter/ Instagram anyway). We are both currently happier than we have both been in a really long time and I do hope that this time it's for good.


BUTTONS - Sadly, at the beginning of May, our family had to make a rather sad decision. Our adorable little boy rabbit Buttons was getting poorly (he was super old, bless him) and we had to make the decision to have him put to sleep. I know some people reading will think 'it's just a rabbit', but he was such a special little boy to us and had been part of our family for so many years. It was a very sad few days for us and we still miss him every day now, we always, always will.

POORLY - I was really poorly near the start of may. I picked up a stomach bug from somewhere which meant being sick. Something I am absolutely terrified of. Before this, I hadn't been sick in roughly 10 years and over time I have developed a huge phobia of anything to do with sick and germs (lots of you probably know this anyway). So yeah, Ive got a huge phobia of sick and I had to try and overcome this as I was poorly for a few days. Obviously, it wasn't nice at all, but I do feel like a slight bit of weight has been taken off my shoulders and I'm not quite as terrified as I used to be.

I am leaving the month of May a very different person to when I entered. My mind is in a completely different place and right now, I'm very very happy. Things are looking up!

Lots of love x

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