Tuesday 31 May 2016

REVIEW: Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set

If you're a regular viewer of the videos I post over on my YouTube channel you will probably already know that I have a slight ridiculous obsession with Zoeva brushes. I basically only ever use Zoeva brushes, other brands just don't ever seem to come close for me. The quality of the brushes are incredible and of course, they are all extremely pleasing to the eye. I already own a brush set by Zoeva which I use every day without a fail, however I've had my eyes on this gorgeous Rose Golden set for a while now and I luckily got them bought for me as a gift for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I thought today I would upload a few pictures of the brushes for you guys to see and just talk to you a little bit about them.

In the Rose Golden Complete Eye Set Vol.2  you get 12 brushes in total which come encased in a really sweet rose gold make-up bag which I know I will definitely make use of. I am so happy with the brushes that come in this set as I've already got a few of the same in the original black colour which are starting to get a little worn out.

I am pretty lazy when it comes to cleaning my make-up brushes so having 2 of the same brush is definitely going to be a great thing for me, especially when it comes to my all time favourite blending brush, the Luxe Crease brush. 

Here's what you get:

- Luxe Precise Shader
- Luxe Petit Crease
-  Luxe Pencil
- Brow Line
- Contour Shader
- Luxe Soft Definer
-Luxe Crease
- Luxe Classic Shader
- Luxe Soft Crease 
- Luxe Brow Light 
- Spot Liner 
- Concealer Buffer 

The choice of brushes in this set is incredible and I definitely think it's a great investment. Zoeva are so great at putting together brush sets, there is literally every brush you would need for an eye look in this one. 

I'm so in love with these brushes (as I knew I would be) and I cannot wait to start using them! 

Have you tried any Zoeva brushes? What are your thoughts?

Lots of love x


  1. I have a couple of Zoeva Brushes and every time someone posts a review I feel a need to rush to Beauty Bay to buy a set, then I remember that I don't have the money to do so. I definitely need to put some money aside for these instead of spending it on products that I use just once then they get relegated to the back of my drawers. I have the Luxe Soft Definer and I think it's an incredible dupe for the MAC 217 (so much so that I'm thinking of buying two more of these and replacing my 217 which is slowly making it's way to makeup brush heaven)!

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

  2. I really want to try Zoeva brushes but they seem pretty pricy! I'm a firm lover of Real Techniques but do fancy getting some new brushes too.. Lydia Eve | lydia-eve.blogspot.co.uk xx

  3. Nice!! You really have a big collection of brushes :D Enjoy them! I would like to buy them but they're mostly for professionals and i am not one of them at makeup yet... hehe :) xoxo <3

  4. These brushes look incredible! I'd love to try these brushes but they are just so expensive! Will have to purchase in the future though! x

  5. This brush set is beyond beautiful, it's super pretty. I've got the odd couple of Zoeva brushes and I can't wait to purchase some more in the future. Their kits are a great place to start even though they're so expensive!

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