Saturday 21 May 2016

My Love For Stationary

This post may not interest all of you as I'm going to be telling you all about my love of stationary and where I love to shop to pick up new bits to add to my stationary collection (sad, I know!).

Stationary is something I've always loved! I was always that kid who loved getting a new pencil case and new notebooks for each term at school and it's always been that way. I've always loved buying new notebooks and diaries and planners all things similar. I love to be organised and stationary helps me keep that up and I have a few places I always head to if I'm looking for something new and Im going to share them with you incase you're like me and absolutely love it! 

Paperchase, probably the most obvious one of the lot! I just feel like it's the best place to go if you're looking for anything stationary related. I also think that they're constantly coming up with new designs which is great and they definitely keep up with trends. I recently popped in there for a few things and as usual, got distracted by lots of pretty notebooks and writing sets etc and came out with a few more things then I had planned on. 

WHsmiths is another place I like to look for stationary (how many times can I write the word 'stationary' in one post? I'm starting to annoy myself). I feel like you can always find some hidden treasures in WHsmiths. It's usually the place I head for my annual diary and I often find little bits and pieces in there at the same time whilst I'm browsing. 

One shop you wouldn't necessarily associate with stationary is TK Maxx, however I've been known to find a few decent notebooks there in the past, including the grey one above in the photos. Again, it's a shop where you can actually find some great things if you spend a little bit of time searching. It's also usually really inexpensive too, so a huge bonus there! 

Lastly, a slightly odd suggestion but Tesco and Sainsbury's do often have some really lovely notebooks etc on offer! The gold polka dot notebook in the pictures above is from Tesco!! Have a look next time you're in there, you'd be surprised! 

If you're a stationary lover too, let me know where you like to get yours from! 

Lots of love x


  1. Girl- I feel you! I have a literal addiction to stationery and basically everything Paperchase sells! As a kid I would spend all my money on matching pencils, notebooks, pencil pots... - as you can imagine I wasnt very good at saving! I also find a lot of supermarkets do cracking stationery these days too! I have a sainsburies around the corner and visit the stationery aisle every time I go in! Lovely post Emily! Lydia Eve,

  2. Stationary awh one of my favourite things when i was little and got pocket money i used to spend hours looking at all the different pens trying to choose some for school, back when days were simpler

  3. omg these little bits are so so cute! love the colours too xx