Tuesday 12 April 2016

10 Ways To Cheer Yourself Up!

As you all know by now I've been going through a bit of a rubbish time recently (but don't worry, I won't keep blabbing on about it) and today I just fancied writing up a post that will help me think positive things and hopefully it might put a bit of positivity in some of your lives too. I thought I would write up a list of things that I do in attempt to cheer me up when I'm feeling down, enjoy.

1. Listen to music - I know most people say this, but music is honestly a really big part of my life. I don't play an instrument or anything like that but I do definitely listen to music pretty much every single day without fail. I am forever creating new Spotify playlists and playing them on repeat either in my room, my car or into my headphones whilst I'm walking along the street. I think for myself and many others music is a great escape from the real world and listening to my favourite songs definitely cheers me up, even if it's only for half an hour or so.

2. Meet up with friends - I honestly think that spending time with friends and keeping yourself occupied is one of the best ways to stay happy and positive! Making plans with them and having things to look forward to is the best distraction. Friends are SO important and I think I've realised that lately. Whether you just meet up for a coffee or go on a day drip out with all of your friends its definitely good to spend time with different people and just have a good old chat!

3. Watch Netflix (or YouTube) - When I'm feeling sad I often shut myself in my room and want to ignore the rest of the world. That's not always good though as crying about something for hours on end is just going to make you feel worse, and lonely. So put your TV on and watch a show on Netflix, or I prefer to get YouTube up on my laptop and catch up with all of my favourite YouTuber's.

4. Read a book - Not something I do often (I'm not much of a reader) however, recently I've been trying my best to get stuck into reading. I spend a lot of time on my phone these days scrolling over and over on Twitter and Instgram and I've realised that social media definitely plays a huge part in my unhappiness quite a lot of the time. Reading is an escape from the outside world, just like listening to music and sometimes it's really nice to bury your head in a book and just forget about your life for a while. I've been reading 'Finding Audrey' By Sophie Kinsella but I've almost finished it. Let me know your favourite books down below in the comments!

5. Do something productive - Feeling like you've achieved something is always a great feeling but I feel like it's a great way to cheer yourself up too. It might be something simple like getting some school/college work done, or something like tidying your room. I like to try and get blogposts written when I'm feeling sad, just because I feel a huge sense of achievement once I've written a post, or I get a video edited or something that needed to be done.

6. Pamper yourself - Everyone deserves to be pampered every now and again and I think having a pamper session can really help to cheer you up (it does for me anyway). I like to take off my make-up, do an intense skincare routine, run a bath and then maybe tan my body and paint my nails, that sort of thing. Pampering yourself makes you feel more confident which is a great way to cheer yourself up, especially if you feel like you're looking a lot better!

7. Online Shopping - Probably something our banks won't thank us for but every now and then I find it so therapeutic to just browse online shops, especially ASOS and BeautyBay (I could literally spend hours on those websites). Although we're not all made of money and spending lots of money on a regular basis probably isn't going to do us any good I think you definitely should be able to treat yourself once in a while and order some bits online!

8. Go for a walk - I'm very lucky when it comes to this as I live completely in the middle of nowhere in the countryside in Devon. My house is surrounded by fields and lanes and when the weather is nice I like to take myself for a walk and just have a bit of quiet, me time.

9. Get off your phone - These days the world is practically ran by technology. I know I'm not one to talk as I love social media but at the same time I absolutely hate it. At the moment I've been trying to distract myself with other things rather than spending all of my time on my phone because so much of the time I will see something on social media that will upset me and it's just not healthy. It's so easy to see things you don't want to see these days on our phones and I think it would do everyone the  world of good if we spent as little time on our phones as possible and just enjoy the moment whilst we're living in it.

10. Discover something you love - My passion is blogging. When I feel bored, upset or sad I usually open up my laptop and try writing a blogpost, or I plan ideas for my YouTube channel. Recently I've had some great opportunities arise from being a Blogger and they've definitely helped distract me from feeling down. Everyone has a passion, sometimes it just takes a while to find it. But once you've discovered it, don't let it go.

How do you cheer yourself up when you're feeling down?

Lots of love x

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