Sunday 15 February 2015

Not Quite Sunday, Sunday Post...

So you may or may not know that unfortunately I rarely get a Sunday where I am free to have a bit of a pamper and just chill out because I work on the weekend. I do get 2 days off during the week though, so it's ok! I absolutely love reading 'Sunday' posts to see what people get up to on their typical 'Lazy Sunday' so thought I would write one myself except with a little twist, it's not Sunday. (wow, how many times do I want to say the word Sunday in one sentence?) 

So on my days off I really feel like I have earned a bit of a pamper. I like to spend the day make-up free, unless i'm filming a video of course, because it's just so satisfying, and great for my skin too! A great face mask that I like to use every now and again is the Rescue Mask by Eve Lom. It's the perfect mask if your skin is feeling a bit sluggish and you want a deep cleansing, yet replenishing fix for your skin. Another product thats a MUST for a day off is a rich lip balm to keep my dry lips hydrated. I like to use the NUXE Reve de Miel nourishing lip balm. A bit of a splurge really considering this little pot is £9.50 (quite a lot for a lip balm) but it is definitely worth it. It lasts a really long time as you only need a tiny bit and your lips stay soft for hours! 

A bath is also a must have for a chilled out day and a Lush product is usually involved in this somewhere along the lines. I decided I would feature my favourite Bubble Bar, The comforter. You can get around 3 or 4 uses out of this product which works out roughly £1 per bath, which is awesome. The smell, oh my the smell. It's incredible! It's so uplifting and smells just like blackcurrant, I love it! After getting out of my lovely bath, I always apply a moisturiser to my whole body. I purely chose this one because of it's rich, delicious smell, it's the Original Source Body Butter Vanilla And Almond. This body butter is super inexpensive and smells divine. A hand cream is always necessary too, and recently I've been loving the Elizabeth Arden Eight hour Intensive Hand Treatment.

Another thing I love to do on a chilled out (not so sunday) is write in my fabulous notebook/diary. Writing down all of your feelings can make you feel so much better and personally I find it's a great way to clear my head and jotting down any negative thoughts can make room for your positive ones. 

Happy Sunday! 


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