Monday 20 October 2014

High end beauty wish list ♡

High end beauty wish list

High end beauty wish list by emilyroselol 

1. Calvin Klein Reveal perfume - I had a sample of this in this months Vogue magazine and I absolutely love it! Calvin Klein Shock used to be my all time favourite perfume so I guess I'm a sucker for CK scents. I cannot wait to buy this.

2. Nars Sheer Glow foundation - I have wanted to try out this foundation for such a long time but annoyingly I don't live near a Nars counter, the nearest one is about 3 hours away. I have heard so many amazing reviews about this foundation and I literally cannot wait to try it soon (hopefully). I have been tempted so many times to order it online but its too risky with the colours.

3. Nars Deep throat blusher - I can see a reoccurring theme with Nars here, oops. Again, this is another products I've wanted to get my hands on for a long time but just haven't managed to yet. It just looks like such a gorgeous shade from what I've seen.

4. Zoeva Brushes - Oh my word, I love these brushes and have done for a while! I used to be obsessed with the rose gold set but now I've changed my mind to the back set, I think they look so sophisticated and classy. I would absolutely love to have a whole matching brush set and I am so in love with all of the Zoeva range.

5. Nars Kabuki brush - I only recently discovered this whilst browsing the Nars website, but I love it! The brush which came in my Benefit Hula bronzer is my absolute favourite for contouring and this brush looks so similar!

6. Chanel loose face powder - I still am yet to own any Chanel make up (cry) and I am desperate need of a new high end powder as my Mac one has completely run out so I figured I would love to try the Chanel one.

Emily ♡
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