Saturday 18 October 2014

Autumnal nails ♡

I love love love the autumn! Especially when it comes to nail polish shades. I decided I would write a quick little post about 3 colours from the Barry M range that I think are absolutely gorgeous. 

CHAI 432

This one is probably my favourite (just because it's new)! It's a beautiful muted grey colour and think its perfect for the up and coming seasons. Grey is such a mutual colour that it's easy to wear with any outfit but is totally casual at the same time. This shade has a shiny gel type finish to it. 


This deep burgundy red shade is literally autumn summed up in a colour. I love that this shade has a matte finish, but I have previously added a top coat to create a shiny finish as I don't always want my nails to look matte but I love the colour so much!


I wouldn't say that this is a typical 'autumnal' colour but I think it's lovely! It's a beautiful nude/pastel shade which is probably more suited to spring, but again, this shade is neutral so can be worn with pretty much every outfit and still look great! This one has a matte finish too. A perfectly subtle polish to just give your nails that little something.

Emily ♡

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