Saturday 11 February 2017



Hey everyone,  it's been a while so apologies for that! I've been super busy working hard at my new job which is taking up the majority of my time. I thought I would get into the 'Valentines spirit' and write a blogpost today sharing with you Fun First Date Ideas! 

I actually went on a 'First Date' last week which went really well so I'm feeling inspired! 

First dates, and just dates in general can be really scary and pretty nerve wrecking. Obviously it depends on you as a person but I know I always feel extremely sick and anxious before meeting someone new.

So if you're going on a first date anytime soon, I hope that you find this blogpost helpful in one way or another, lets begin! 

1. Casual drinks (if you're over the legal drinking age in your country, obviously). I know it's very simple but if you're brave, I think this makes for a great first date. You'll start to loosen up after a couple of drinks and it allows you to spend some quality time with that person just chatting about anything and everything. This is actually what I did for my first date recently and it went really well. Luckily we clicked straight away. 

2. Watch a film at the cinema. I know this is pretty much a 'typical date' but I do actually think it's a great way to get conversation started. Go and watch a film you're both interested in and then afterwards you'll find things in common to chat about. Obviously you won't be able to talk during the actual film but sometimes it's nice to be in someone's company without having to find something for talk about 24/7. 

3. A trip to the zoo! This is actually something I've wanted to do for a really long time, not just because I love animals but because I think it would make a really cute date. You'll find plenty to talk about and you get to see loads of cute animals! I also think it would make a really nice common ground. 

4. Go for a walk! No matter where you live, the countryside, the beach, the city, it's always nice to get out and go for a walk! You can spend as little time as you want to with your date and you won't feel trapped with them. You'll have plenty of time to talk and you can enjoy the fresh air! Maybe visit somewhere new. 

5. Go for coffee. One of my favourite things to do! Again, it's quick and simple, but gives you enough time to get an idea about the person you're with and decide if you would like to see them again! I suggest you head to a coffee shop you've visited before so that you feel comfortable! 

6. A day at the beach! Possibly not the best suggestion for this time of the year, it'll most probably be raining (especially if you live in England). However, if the weather is bearable, a little trip to the beach would make a lovely first date. It's peaceful and relaxing and you can just spend the time getting to know each other! 

If you are going on a date any time soon, then I wish you luck! 

Leave any 'date' suggestions in the comments down below and I'll speak to you all very soon! 

Emily Rose 

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