Tuesday 3 May 2016

Goodbye April

Hello to those of you reading! A whole month has passed since I wrote my 'Goodbye March' blogpost (which I am so glad I wrote) so I thought I would write the next one, 'Goodbye April.' I think I'm definitely going to carry on with these posts as they're great to look back on and definitely help me to pin point the high's and low's of my months.

I feel like most month's are going to be just like April, a huge mixture of emotions but I guess that's just life! 


WORKING WITH SUPERDRUG - At the very beginning of April I headed up to London with my sister because I was very kindly invited to film some videos with Superdrug for their YouTube Channel! I had the most incredible day and it really was an eye opener for me. One of the videos has already gone live on their channel, but there is another one so keep your eyes peeled for that! I am super proud of myself for going and doing something like that! It was all very new to me and pretty scary however I had an amazing day and met some amazing people and it's made me super excited for similar opportunities in the future! 

A SOCIAL LIFE - Me? A social life? NEVER! In April I tried to make a lot of effort with friends, and it actually paid off! I had lots of lovely catch up's with some of my friends and I went on a lot of great night's out too! It was so lovely to go out and have fun! 

MY SISTER'S WEDDING - If you read my previous post similar to this one you will already know that my sister was engaged and due to get married in April. Well, her and her husband Luke got married on the 23rd April and it was such a gorgeous, memorable day. It was so lovely to spend my day with all of my family and a few friends. Thankfully, my best friend Sophie was able to come back down from University to be my plus 1 at the wedding. It was so nice to spend some time with her and everyone else. We were super lucky with the weather too, sunshine all day! 

MEDIA MAKE-UP SHOW - Thanks to my lovely friend Aishah for being my model, I completed a huge unit of my college work! I had to create a head to toe look applying prosthetic pieces and working to a certain criteria to put on a show for the public to come and watch! I was really happy with how it all went and to be honest, I'm pretty proud of myself. 


To be completely honest, there haven't been any specific low points in April that I feel I need to address. Life has it's up's and down's, that's just the way the world works. I've been stressing a lot over University, but it's a very long and complicated story so I won't go into it now, but basically thing's aren't currently going my way! I've obviously still been a little hurt and upset about the whole 'break up' issue because when someone is such a huge part of your life, they don't just disappear over night, however I have lots of distractions and my thoughts and feelings on it all have definitely improved and got a lot better. What's meant to be will be. 

I hope you enjoyed reading, as always! Let me know your high points of April! 

Lots of love x


  1. awww my sister got married in april too!it sounds like you had a lovely day! the superdrug event sounds so fun such a great opportunity :) xx


    1. Aw congratulations to her! Thank you for reading xx