Saturday 20 June 2015

REVIEW: Dirty Looks Hair Extensions

Dirty Looks kindly sent me some of their gorgeous hair extensions to try out. I've never really thought about using hair extensions however my hair is quite short as I recently had a lot cut off it and I've always wanted it super long, so I guess I've found the solution! 

When I think of hair extensions I do just think of them looking dreadful. You know when 
you see someone walking along the street and you can see their clip in extensions at the back of their head, not a good look. But that aside I received an E-Mail from the company Dirty Looks asking if I would like to try out some of their extensions. I had heard of the company before and I frequently see celebrities babbling on about them, so thought I would give them a try. 

The service I received was excellent. If you're not sure on which colour extensions would suit you best you can speak to somebody through e-mail and send them a photo of you and they can give you advice on colour choice, this is what I did. I was then matched up with the colour 'LA Blonde' and it is a perfect, perfect colour match! You then choose the length of your extensions, I went with 20-22" and they are super long! 

I've had previous experience with hair extensions and all I can remember is how heavy they felt and how itchy they made my head feel, but thankfully the Dirty Looks extensions felt really comfortable in my hair and weren't even that noticeable. To see how the extensions look in my hair head over and watch one of my recent Youtube videos

All in all I have been incredibly impressed with these extensions and I never thought I would be. The quality is amazing, they feel so soft! You can style the extensions too so are able to wear them however you like wether that be straight or curly. The colour match is perfect. You also get so many extensions in the box, way too many for my tiny head haha, but that's great! 

I'll definitely be using these extensions a lot, not just to make my hair longer but to thicken it up too!

They definitly get my seal of approval!

Lots of love x

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  1. It's nice that you have found hair extensions that suit you, and one that have calmed your anxieties about them. Extensions are smart alternatives to wigs, after all; they blend through the very flow of one's hair, and are more closely implanted into one's head. It's probably that convenience that makes more people buy them, as it provides more variety without altering your natural hair.

    Renee May @ Virgin Hair Fixx