Tuesday 24 February 2015

Liebster award nomination

I have been nominated by the lovely Amy from http://amyditsylou.blogspot.co.uk for the Liebster award. I think this is such a lovely idea! It's a great way of getting to know other bloggers and discover new blogs to read. So here are my answers and I'll do my nominations at the end...

1. What is your all time favourite lipstick?

This is tricky, to only pick one! But I will go with the one I am obsessing over so much at the moment which is MAC Modesty.

2. Where would you love to live in the future?

I absolutely love London and in the future I could definitely see myself living there. Probably in a quieter area of London. But I would love to be able to jump on the tube and just have a short journey to any of the main areas. 

3. Favourite treat, sweet or savoury? 

I'm definitely more of a sweet kinda gal'. My favourite treat at the moment is definitely Biscoff spread. A bit of an odd thing to choose, I know. But I love it so much I could genuinely sit and eat it with a spoon. 

4. What's your favourite album?

Music wise I'm guessing? Hmm, if I had to choose only 1 album, it would probably be the 1975's '1975' album, I can always listen to them no matter what mood i'm in.

5. Can you speak more than one language? 

Unfortunately, no. I can't and it sucks. I know a tiny bit of French, and the odd word in Spanish. But I would love to be able to speak fluently in a language, I think that would be incredible. 

6. What was your dream job when you were younger? 

Growing up, I was adamant that I was going to be a midwife. When I turned 15/16 and had to start looking at College options, I decided that the 'Health and Social' route wasn't for me and if all of my hard work didn't pay off and I didn't end up being a midwife, there was nothing else I wanted it to lead to, so I changed career paths and well, i'm here today in a completely different industry. 

7. Top three make-up brands?

MAC, Maybelline and probably Bourjois. 

8. If you were given a book which contained the rest of your life in it, would you read it?

That is such a cool question, something I've never really thought about. But the answer would have to be no. As cool as that would be, I think life is a mystery, and should be kept that way. 

9. What month is your birthday?

My birthday is in May, on the 18th and I'm super excited for my birthday this year as i'll be 18! 

10. Do you own anything designer? If so, what is it?

This is a bit of a confusing one because I don't know what to consider at 'designer' because I would say Chanel is a designer brand, and I own some Chanel make-up. I have a Ted Baker purse, but I probably wouldn't class that as designer. I'm not too sure, I don't own anything super fancy! 

11. A musical or concert you would love to see?

I've said this for a very long time and the one artist I would love to see perform live is Ed Sheeran!

My Questions:

1. Where is the one place in the world you would love to travel to?
2. One make-up product you could not live without?
3. If the whole world was listening to you, what would you say?
4. If you could wish for one thing, what would it be?
5. Your dream job?
6. What are your pamper evening essentials?
7. If you could only listen to one band/ artist for the rest of your life, who would it be?
8. What is your favourite book?
9. Favourite drugstore brand?
10. What are you excited for, near or far future?

I would like to tag:

Lots of love x


  1. Hiya, love your answers you were right our answers to the questions are very similar. My birthday is also in May! Aha xx

    1. I know, haha! My answers are also quite similar in the 'this or that' tag that you tagged me in hehe, that will be up very soon by the way. Thank you for tagging me!! x