Wednesday 31 December 2014

Zoeva Make-Up Brushes ♡

I finally got some Zoeva make-up brushes! I got them for christmas as a present but I did know I was getting them as I chose them. I was extremely temped by the rose gold Zoeva set but figured that considering I wanted a really good, full set of make-up brushes that I could use for everything and that would last me a very long time I decided to go with one of the black/silver sets as there was a lot more choice of brushes. I chose a standard set which was a mixture of face and eye brushes. I then chose 2 other brushes that weren't included in the kit but I really wanted. 

Firstly, HOW BEAUTIFUL?!?! I will admit, one of the main reasons I wanted a set of Zoeva brushes was because of how beautiful they look, and I'm definitely not disappointed. The brushes are super soft too and I'm just completely in love.

I've used the brushes every single day since I got them (so christmas day) and I'm really enjoying using them! They are really great for blending and give a very flawless look. The bag that they come in too is also great, a really nice idea for travelling! 

I'm super impressed with these gorgeous brushes so far and I'm sure they will be popping up on my Blog and Youtube channel a lot in the new future!



  1. you have an amazing skill in photography your blog is so beautiful and i love your youtube xx I'm always checking to see what posts you have uploaded to your blog :)

    1. Hehe thank you very much!! Yeah i've seen your comments on my blog an Youtube before so recognise your name now! Thank you so much lovely x