Friday 19 December 2014

Instagram diary #3 ♡

Today I thought I would make another Instagram diary instalment as I find these really fun to make and hopefully you like to read them. I haven't done one in a while either so gathered we have a bit to catch up on! 

1. 'Your value doesn't decrease based on someones inability to see your worth'. I thought this was a lovely quote and decided to share it on my Instagram in the hope of making someones day a tiny bit better. 

2. Listening to Ed Sheeran's album 'Multiply' in my car.

3. My first ever Chanel purchase! I brought a lipgloss in the shade 87 and I am completely in love with it. 

4. Why not, a selfie. 

5. Gorgeous heels that I fell in love with in Miss Selfridge. They were snake print and ahh, so dreamy. 

6. Haha a photo of 2 of my friends and I at a christmas party! 

7. Candy kittens notebook signed by Jamie Laing himself. 

8. Oh hey, it's Jamie Laing! My friends and I went to the Clothes Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham! We had a lovely day and to top it off we met a few of our favourite reality TV stars from Made in Chelsea. 

9. A selfie with Ollie Locke haha, he was so so lovely when we met him! 


11. I passed my driving test yesterday! I passed first time and with only 1 minor fault. I'm so proud of myself considering how nervous I was. 

12. On our last day of college we did secret santa in our group. We went for coffee and everyone shared presents and it was so lovely! I received a few little Lush goodies from santa! 

13. Here is my Liberties Advent Calendar. This calendar cost me £150 and to be totally honest, I am slightly disappointed so far. I've not been that impressed with anything that's been in the doors i've opened apart from maybe 3 or 4 things. Hopefully it will get better or i've wasted my money! 

14. My dressing table before and after. I hate it when mess collects and then it's too much effort to tidy it. 

15. Some beautiful silver rings at a lovely little stand at the clothes show. I particularly loved the snake one!

16. Wrapping gifts! I love wrapping gifts at christmas time, I love making them look all pretty with bows and ribbons. Mine are now all wrapped and ready under the tree to be opened. Roll on christmas day! 

Thanks for reading, I hoped you liked having a little insight into my Instagram. 

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