Tuesday 16 December 2014

#GirlOnline Zoella's first novel ♡

So I've just finished reading the fastest selling debut novel ever by Zoe Sugg, 'Girl Online' and decided to write a blog post on it considering there's been so much controversy about it and now I've finally finished it I can share my opinion with you all. 

Being a huge lover of Zoella's youtube channel and blog I was majorly excited when she announced a while back that she had a book coming out! Although I am really interested in books and often find myself indulging in new books to try, it's rare that I fully find myself lost in a book. There has been countless times where I've tried to read a new book and it's just not interested me enough and I end up forgetting about it. For me, one of the many joys of reading is completely getting lost in the story and not being able to put it down! Luckily, this is how I felt whilst reading 'Girl Online'. 

I don't want to give too much away because a lot of you reading this may not have finished the book yet or may not have got hold of it yet in which case I don't want to spoil any surprises for you. So I will try and do the book as much justice as possible without giving away too much. 

Zoe really has managed to cover a lot of topics that are important in life (especially being a teenager and growing up) such as anxiety and panic attacks, love and loss and even simple things such as kindness. I found the book to be so gripping and it's definitely been written in a way that you feel a huge connection with the characters, especially Penny. The whole story line and idea behind it all is excellent in my opinion and I think it's lovely that Zoe has used some of her own experiences in parts of the book and there are snippets in it which relate to her life. It's a wonderful book full of surprises and I reckon you should all give it a read if you haven't already.

You may or may not know about the 'hate' (ew I hate that word) that went down about a week ago. All of this 'Ghost writer' nonsense. Basically Zoe was getting a lot of nasty remarks being made about how she 'didn't even write the book herself' and how she 'shouldn't be given any credit' etc. I personally think this is completely wrong. Zoe came up with the whole idea of the book herself, she just had some help writing it which is completely understandable. At the end of the day Zoe isn't a professional writer and the help she was given was to make sure 'Girl Online' was written as best as it could be. 

Zoe should be extremely proud of what she has achieved and I give the book 5 stars! 

Rumour has it there may possibly be a sequel in 2015 so fingers crossed! 


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