Saturday 4 October 2014

Naked Palette ♡


So i'm slightly late on this purchase, but I have been wanting to complete my collection for a while now and buy the original naked palette and what a better time than when i get 20% off with student discount?

I went shopping with my wonderful friend Ella to the student lock in evening to cheer me up a little bit and i must say, retail therapy seriously did put me in a bit of a better mood! 

Now I know its probably a little bit excessive for a girl to have three eye shadow palettes that are pretty similar, but oh well who cares. I am so excited to use my new palette. The colours are all absolutely gorgeous, such a range for everybody. I think this is the most versatile palette of them all. The naked 3 palette is mostly rose gold/ pink colours which some people may not like as much. I must say, it takes a bit of practise being able to use pinks for an eye shadow, its easy to end up looking like you have some sort of disease haha. 

I know that the pigmentation and quality of the shades will be amazing just like the other two palettes so i cannot wait to try out lots of different looks with it!


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