Friday 31 October 2014

Being Happy ♡

I've been wanting to write this blog post for quite a while now but I was never sure how to actually write it, or what I wanted the content to consist of. But blog posts don't have to be perfect right? This is my space, where I can write whatever I like, so i'm going to do just that. I feel like getting some things of my chest will help me along to re-gaining happiness and if it helps just one of you reading this, then I've achieved something great. 

Some of you may know if you follow me on Instagram, or if you know me in person that I went through a pretty crap time just over a month ago. I won't go into much detail because i'm not really too sure who reads my blog and I don't want to be too open about it just incase I give out too much information that somebody may not be comfortable with. I will just say that I went through a break up and it was a really tough time for me, I don't think i've ever felt so down in my life. Everything just felt pointless and my happiness and confidence dropped to such a low level. 

Everyone experiences sadness at some point in their life and everyone has their down days. I know that emotions are different for everyone and even though some people may share a similar experience, you can quite often feel like nobody knows exactly how you're feeling in your situation. But i'm hoping that a few of these little tips i'm going to give you can help you too uplift you're mood if you're feeling sad, or perhaps help out a friend or family member who are going through a bad time. 

1. Try and see good in everything

This is super important and has definitely helped me a lot recently. When you're going through a bad time it can be so difficult to see any good in a bad situation. But I'm a believer of 'everything happens for a reason' and although there are things you can do to decide your future, I do reckon that a lot of things in life are already decided for you and things happen for a reason! Whether that be to make room for something new and exciting in your life or to steer you away from a bad situation. Just try to remember that something good is always about to happen in your life. Even if it's hard to see, you have to try your hardest to see the good in everything! 

2. Keep a diary

This may not be something everyone is into, but I've kept a diary from such a young age. Not every day, I must admit, I would have way too many diaries to store, but this book which my penal sent me  is something i'm proud of and love reading back through, it's honestly such an incredible thing to keep. Being able to read back over happy memories is such a great thing to do to make you smile (but don't read over pages that remind you of things you're trying to forget/ get over) it only makes you feel worse. 

3. Watching youtube videos!

This is a personal thing that love to do which makes me happy, I guess that's why i'm a Youtuber!! I just think youtube is such an amazing thing. There's practically a video on everything and there are plenty of advise videos out there which will make you feel a lot better! One of my favourites is 'It's ok to be sad' A video by my favourites Sprinkle of glitter and Zoella. 

4. Crying

A bit of a strange one, I know! Now obviously I'm not saying you should spend all day and all night crying to make you feel better, but cry as much as YOU need to. For some people, this may not be the way forward. Not everyone feels like they need to cry, but a lot do, and it can really help you to feel like you've got things off of your chest. I know i'm a cryer, I've cried a lot during the last month but finally, it's pretty much come to a stop. Even though it will not feel like it at the time, you do slowly get happier from whatever you're feeling sad about. 

5. Going out with friends

I don't often go out as i'm not 18 yet (cry) but going out and having a good time with your friends is honestly such a good cure to feeling sad! Listening to music, dancing and just going and having a good time definitely cheers you up. It makes you realise that you can still have fun no matter what is going on in your life and there are people in your life who care for you and are there for you!

6. Feeling good about yourself

Like most things, this is a personal thing and is different for everyone but doing things to boost your self confidence is great! Although it's tempting to slump on the sofa with tonnes of chocolate and feel sorry for yourself, that's not going to make you feel good about yourself at all. It is good to treat yourself with foods that you love, but I find eating healthy foods and doing exercise makes me feel more confident. I also try not to allow myself to slack in things I normally love to do, for example doing my make-up and getting ready. If make-up is something you're interested in and you usually wear it, don't let this stop you! Putting on make-up or making yourself feel good in anyway possible is a great thing that you should do. 

7. Plans to look forward to 

Having something to look forward to is super important! Making plans will distract you from feeling sad and will give you something to hold your head up high for. My sister and I went to see John Newman last week which was something I had to look forward to the whole time I was feeling rubbish, and it did honestly help. Planning little trips with your friends and days out is a great way to keep happy and positive! 

8. Music

Lastly, Music. Music is something I've always always loved and I honestly cannot imagine my life without music. I am up for listening to all kinds of music but i've said before my favourite band are probably the 1975, but their music can be slightly depressing, so I tried to steer clear from listening to them for a bit. Music plays such an important part in many people's lives and I can honestly say that music plays a massive part in mine, and it really has helped me gain my happiness back. It can be hard sometimes because artists or songs can remind you of certain things/ people, in my case a person, and that's not always good if you're feeling sad about a break up or similar. I started listening to the kind of music my boyfriend liked and ended up really liking those bands, so it was hard for me because suddenly I couldn't listen to certain music as it just brought back too many memories. But like i've said to you all, I had to see the good in this and see it as a new opportunity to explore new kinds of music and find new artists to fall in love with. 

I hope this blogpost has helped some of you and made you realise, that really, we are all lucky and have so many things we should be grateful for. 

Let me know if you have any tips on being happy. 

Emily ♡

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  1. That was actually amazing, and will help a lot, thank em x