Saturday 25 March 2017


Hello everyone, long time no speak! I apologise for my lack of blogposts recently but as I've already explained, I've been experiencing a bit of brain block. 

I've found some inspiration to write this post though, hoorah! 

So, first things first, I'm not actually a vegan. I've been a vegetarian for around 8 years now and the vegan diet is definitely something that interests me. I love trying vegan food and testing out vegan recipes and trying vegan alternatives. I find it really fascinating and I'm trying to widen my knowledge when it comes to a vegan lifestyle! But I'm not actually planning on becoming a full vegan any time soon. I love cheese a little too much, oops. 

Anyway, I recently discovered The Vegan Kind which is an online vegan shop. They also offer monthly subscription boxes to help you discover new vegan snacks! I thought I'd sign up as a way of learning about new vegan foods and finding out what is available! 

I will leave a link to their website here so that you can head over to discover any more information. You can also see previous monthly boxes and see what was inside them! 

I am so excited about my first box though and have already been digging into the snacks! I think it really is a great idea and even if you're not vegan, it's still great to try vegan snacks and see what's on the market! 

Thanks for reading! 

Emily Rose 


  1. I really liked your post! I just wanted to tell that I really like your blog and I thought I’d include you in something a little bit different: The One Lovely Blog Award TAG! I saw on your YouTube channel the other day that you were struggling for post ideas, and I'm not entirely sure if you get involved in these, but I was nominated a few days ago so now I’m nominating you 🙂 If this is something you fancy, give it a go! All the instructions are on my blog:

    Katie |

    1. Hey Katie, aww thank you so much! I just read your post and I will definitely do the TAG! Thank you xxx

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