Saturday 1 October 2016

Goodbye September

Another month gone, already? I honestly don't know where time flies these days. I know, I always say this but September really did challenge me but I also made some very happy memories this month that I will always remember. 

UNIVERSITY - Okay, so I've not really touched on this whole subject too much on my Blog or YouTube channel. Basically, I really want to go to Uni next September, so one year from now. I visited Southampton Solent University at the end of the month considering there are two amazing courses available there. We had a look around and we went to a course talk and heard about the two courses I'm torn between and when we got back home, I sent off my application. So it's just a matter of waiting now! Fingers crossed. 

HOLIDAY - I know it wasn't that long ago I went on my travels to Ibiza with my girlfriends and had a lovely holiday, but I was lucky enough to go again near the beginning of September with my family and a few of our friends. Oh, and my best friend Sophie who is pictured above! You will probably all recognise her because she's on my channel quite a few times and she's always featured on my Instagram and Snapchat! I'm super sad now though because she's gone back to University now and I won't see her until Christmas. So yeah, we had a lovely time as usual in ibiza and if you would like to watch the vlog then click here! I'm actually pretty proud of this one. 

RELATIONSHIPS - As we all know, relationships can be touch. It's also pretty hard talking about it and sharing it on social media. My hobby is blogging and sharing pretty much the majority of my life online. I love it and wouldn't change that for the world, however sometimes when things in your personal life get tough, it's difficult how to know what to share and what not to share. I won't go into much detail because like I just said, it's private but you all probably know of my boyfriend, Jordan. On September 25th we had our one year anniversary (sort of). It's a little complicated because we separated for a couple of months a while back now but we still became a couple just over a year ago now. At the beginning of the month I was feeling a little down and confused about things and I guess my inner worries were showing and arguments started to happen, you know what it's like. But i'm happy to say that now, I feel much happier and a lot more positive about our situtation and we're actually planning on filming a couple of videos for my channel together in the near future! So that's something to look forward to. 

What did September bring for you?

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