Tuesday 19 April 2016

Current Favourite Essie Nail Polishes

When it comes to painting my nails, I usually find it quite a chore. They always seem to take forever to dry and quite frankly, it's just a pain having to do it! I own a LOT of nail polishes, from all different brands but I think recently it's become quite clear that Essie are the polishes I always reach for and I'm pretty sure I haven't worn another brand of nail polish in a very long time! 

Today's post probably won't be a very long one however I just anted to quickly run through my current favourite Essie polishes, let you know the shades, that kind of thing. 

'Chinchilly' - 100% my all time favourite nail shade! I'm already on my second bottle of this, I absolutely love it. It's a very wearable grey colour that I feel like is suitable for every season! I wore this through Autumn and Winter and I'm definitely still going to be reaching for it in Summer. Whenever you see me wearing a grey nail polish in any of my videos, it's very likely it'll be this one! 

'Spin The Bottle' - The perfect nude nail polish! I absolutely love this one and often reach for it when I'm feeling a nude nail colour. It's a pink toned nude so is great if you've got pale skin like mine, however it does look great with a tan too! It's very rare to find a nude nail polish that has got great pigmentation, but this one definitely has! 

'Merino Cool' - A very similar shade to 'Chinchilly', but with a hint of purple in it! This is a lovely colour to paint your nails if you're going out for the evening, I feel like it's a very statement nail colour. Although it looks very similar to 'Chinchilly' I'm so glad I've got this in my collection because it definitely is different and I wear them both all of the time! This one is super pigmented too. 

'Bobbing For Baubles' - I haven't worn this one in a few weeks actually however I went through a stage not that long ago of being absolutely obsessed with it! I think navy/darker blue nails can look incredible, and can completely change an outfit! This colour looks so gorgeous and I definitely think it should be a staple in everybody's collection.

'Bordeaux' - Lastly, we have a dark red nail colour which I must say is quite different from the rest! I usually tend to stick with nudes and muted toned nail polishes but I occasionally fancy painting my nails with a red, and this is my favourite one! It was one of my favourites throughout Autumn/ Winter  but I don't see why it couldn't be worn in Spring/ Summer either! Sometimes I find red nail polishes too harsh, but this one is a perfect burgundy shade! 

Have you tried any Essie nail polishes? What is your favourite? 

Lots of love x

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