Tuesday 8 March 2016

REVIEW: Grounded Chocolate Orange Coffee Scrub

I must have tried at least 50 different body scrubs since I've been a lover of beauty products and I feel like over the last year or so 'coffee scrubs' have become a HUGE thing. Of course, being a lover of coffee and beauty, this is a great combination for me. Coffee scrubs leave your entire house smelling delicious after using them, their made of natural ingredients and they do a great job at leaving your skin feeling super soft too. 

I was recently contacted by the brand Grounded asking me if I would like to try one of their coffee scrubs which I was so excited about because the week before I was stood in my local Boots contemplating whether to pick up one of their coffee scrubs to try anyway. 

Their scrubs come in three scents, coconut, grapefruit and chocolate orange (which is what I went for) and it smells incredible, literally like a legitimate chocolate orange. 

I'm always sceptical about using these sorts of scrubs on my body because I've got really sensitive skin and I am prone to getting eczema. I know these scrubs usually say that they're actually good for eczema and other skin conditions and are known to help them, but I always get slightly worried because their quite abrasive. My skin reacted absolutely fine with this one though and I really do love it! I used it in the shower and my skin felt incredibly soft and really moisturised afterwards. The only downside to these scrubs is that they really do make a terrible mess. I find that no matter how careful I try to be it still ends up everywhere! 

But I'm definitely going to carry on using this scrub and I'm excited to use it throughout summer! If you want to know any more about these scrubs or as Grounded as a brand I will link their website here. The scrubs are available in Boots, so super easy to get your hands on! 

Have you tried any Grounded scrubs? What're your thoughts?

Lots of love x


  1. I got the coconut one and absolutely loved it! Kind of wish I'd tried the chocolate orange one but might order it when I run out of this one. I'm totally new to scrubs but love them! Great post :) Emily x


    1. Yes, the chocolate orange one smells incredible!!! You definitely should. Thanks for reading! x