Saturday 5 March 2016

Afternoon Tea At Tara's Busy Kitchen!

Last Sunday I was kindly invited to have afternoon tea at Tara's Busy Kitchen. Tara is a food blogger from Devon who has built up great friendships with local producers and restaurants and she came up with the great idea to host a pop up afternoon tea in her lounge!

My sister and I attended the afternoon tea and we had such a lovely time, it made a change to actually go out and do something on a Sunday instead of lounging around in bed all day.

I still cannot get over how beautifully Tara had everything set out (it was so Pinterest) I absolutely loved it and it gave me so much interior design inspiration! You really could tell that a lot of thought and effort had gone into planning the whole thing. Everything was very vintage and sweet and there were so many little personal touches which made it even more great, like personalised cupcakes to take home with us. We also a received a goody bag full of leaflets and a few different types of tea from 'Plymouth Tea'.

Straight away we were tended to and had a selection of drinks to choose from. Lots of guests went for  fizz but as I was driving I went for a pink lemonade. We then had a tea menu which was such a lovely touch, I'm not very clued up when it comes to teas, but what I had was lovely. The food arrived as did more guests and we all tucked in (after taking photos of course) to some delicious treats. We had a great selection of sweet and savoury and by the end of it I think we had all eaten enough sugar to last us weeks, but it was so so delicious!

My favourites were probably the Black Forest Brownies and the Lemon Dreamies! Not only did I love the fact that all of the food was delicious, I loved that most things were locally sourced! I think it's great to help out local businesses.

Definitely make sure you check out Tara's food blog, it's probably the only one I actually read. Also, if you live in Devon or find yourself in the Exeter area I would 100% recommend getting in touch with Tara to find out when her next Pop Up Afternoon Tea will be because it was such a lovely thing to do. I'll definitely be going to her next one, I'll also be bringing along a few new faces too.

Lots of love x


  1. It all looks so pretty!! She decorated it so well and i'm very jealous i wish i had the pinterest guru side be able to knock something like this up. Haha.

    1. She did indeed, it looked so incredible!! x

  2. That looks absolutely amazing! Glad you had a good time. x


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