Saturday, 6 June 2015

Life Update

I fancied sitting down and writing a bit of a 'catch up' post today. I've done similar posts in the past and thought it was about time I did another one.

1. I turned 18 on the 18th May! I am finally an adult (and can buy my own alcohol, score!) I had such a fab birthday, so thanks to everyone who made it special or anybody who wished me a happy birthday. 

2. Having a gin & tonic (because i'm an old lady) in a cute bar in London after BeautyCon with Annie. 

3. I met Alix and Suzie from ICOVETTHEE & HELLOOCTOBER!! This was a great day! They both looked so gorgeous. 

4. Made a lovely new friend! Annie and I both went to BeautyCon together...started the day as complete strangers and ended it as very good friends! 

5. I've officially finished college for the year, so IT'S SUMMER! I'm going to have so much free time during the weeks now so I'm basically going to spend all of my time focusing on creating content for my Blog and Youtube channel!

6. I went to my first festival of the year, Lemonfest! It's only a small festival near where I live and I had such a great time with one of my best friends Amy! Lots of Pimms was accumulated and lots of tears were cried (by me), we got soaking wet too, but all in all it was fab. 

7. Splurged on the Oskia Renaissance cleansing gel as I've heard so much about it and couldn't resist. Keep your eyes peeled for a review soon!

8. Dirty Looks very kindly sent me some hair extensions to try out! So far, I absolutely love them as the quality is incredible! They even personally helped choose the right shade for me and it's perfect! I'll definitely write up a whole blog post on them soon too. 

Lots of love x


  1. I really love these kind of posts, I adore how informal and chatty they are, with really basic, photogenic pictures! Gorgeous x

  2. Really glad you liked the post! Thanks so much for reading xx