Friday 1 May 2015

Feeling Confident Without Make-Up

A bit of a random post today folks! Ive been sat here editing my brand new video and it just came to my realisation how excited I am to take my make up off. I just want to touch on two different topics today. Being confident without any make-up and those all important make-up free days. 

As much as I love wearing make-up and experimenting with it, I don't think you can beat having a make-up free day. I also think it's super important be confident in your own skin. Many people assume that just because I post videos of myself talking about different things on the internet that I must be a super confident person. That isn't at all true. In fact, I'm the complete opposite. Although, I do definitely think I've gained confidence in some areas since making Youtube videos. Above is a picture of my naked face (shock) and I'm honestly fine with it. It took me a while before I was comfortable with uploading make-up tutorials online because it meant I had to be bare faced, which for me is a huge thing. I've got very fair skin, fair eyebrows and eyelashes and I am aware of the fact that without make-up I look like a 10 year old, but who cares! That is what I look like and it's not going to change so I've learned that I need to be confident with it and you should too!

Being a beauty blogger most people probably assume I wear make-up every day and although I do wear it most days, I frequently have days where I just simply want to let my skin breathe, which is super important. Because I do put make-up on my face a lot and i'm constantly trying out new make-up products, it makes it even more important for me to look after my skin and keep in clean so that it can look it's best. 

I'm aware that this isn't a very long post and a little random too but I just wanted to get the thoughts I had in my mind onto my blog so that you can all have a read. Leave me a comment down below and let me know what your thoughts and feelings are on the whole topic of make-up/no make-up. 

Lots of love x


  1. All of this is so true Emily, I completely agree with it! I try to have a makeup free day here and there too.

    Mollie,xo \\\ The Fashion Of Craft

    1. Definitely is! Thank you for reading xx