Thursday 1 January 2015

Looking back over 2014


I knew I wanted to write something for my blog about the last year (as that's what bloggers do, right?) As usual, this year has gone super quick, and I feel like as we get older, all of the years start to merge and I can't make out 2014 from 2013, but the one things that's helped me realise what a great year its been is photos. I looked back through all of the photos taken on my phone after last new years eve, and blimey, I forgot about half of the incredible things I've achieved or done this year. Theres been many events I've gone to or trips I've been on with my family and it only when you start to look at photos you remember all of these memories. I've also achieved a few personal goals this year which I probably won't go into in much detail. But I thought it would be a nice idea to write up a post in a diary form with photos to prove to myself that even though I've felt quite sad at times (especially these last few months) that 2014 has actually been a really great year for me. 

Health - At the start of the year I made the new years resolution that probably every human being makes which is to live a healthier lifestyle, get fit and eat healthier foods. I wasn't going to be strict on myself because that wouldn't have been realistic, I just wanted to make a few small changes to my life style. I've started drink lots of different herbal teas including green tea to help detox my body and to help speed up my metabolism. I have started making smoothies too which is a great way to get in some of your 5 a day. Of course, I still eat junk when I feel like it, I could not live without chocolate, but i've started making healthier choices and i've definitely experimented with new healthier alternatives. If you didn't already know I am a vegetarian and have been for a few years now, so I have tried to make sure I get enough protein etc too. I started going to the gym at the beginning of the year but it was costing me a lot of money for something I wasn't really using enough. In the summer I went running a lot and I do still try to get some exercise now the weather has turned bad on us. 

College - I completed my first year at college and am a qualified level 2 beauty therapist, now studying level 3. 

Brand new - Back in April I went to see the band Brand new with my sister and our friend Alice. We had such a lovely time and it enabled me to visit Southampton which is somewhere I had never been before. I love going to gigs and seeing new bands and this was one of many from 2014.

Centre Parcs -At the beginning of May I had a little break away and went to Centre Parcs with my mum and dad. I love it there and we have been quite a few times in the past. It's such a peaceful place, definitely a lovely place to go if you're trying to clear your mind. Theres so much to do there and it's just a great place to go to once in a while! 

Career - I got my first proper job! I got a job at the Body shop back at the end of May and I was so proud of myself! I am still currently working there and I really enjoy it. 

Lemonfest - At the very end of may I went to a day Festival with one of my best friends, a few other friends, my sister and her friends. I honestly had one of the best days ever. I got to see some lovely bands play live and I got to see Luke Friend which made my day because I absolutely love him! We drank lots of Pimms, soaked up the sun and we even ventured into the 'rave tent' which was a funny experience hahah. We just had such a chilled out day/ evening and the weather was lovely and it was just one of those days I'll always remember. 

Relationships - ooo touchy subject hey. Well i'm not going to go into detail because like i've said before I have no idea who reads my blog. Some of you may know that I was in a relationship this year. Unfortunately it ended and that's why I've not been in such a good place these last few months. Nothing terribly bad happened, it's just that we were both in different mind sets at the time and when two people don't feel the same about each other or one person has doubts then it's just not going to work. I wasn't going to mention it on here, but this is my place where I write my thoughts and feelings and that relationship was a huge part of my life over the last year and it really has made an impact on my life and he means a lot to me. 

Car - I brought my first car this year which is super exciting! Its a VW Polo and I named him Toby (purely because I love that name). I also passed my driving test too, only about a week ago and have been out driving by myself once. I loved it, and I can't wait for many adventures in my beautiful car to come next year. 

London - One of my all time favourite places! I went to London with my sister a while back and we had such a great time! We explored so many different parts of London by the underground, including Camden. It was my first time there and it's such a gorgeous place! We then went to IMATS which was a lot of fun too! 

Majorca - I was lucky enough to go on holiday to Majorca for a week in the summer. Exploring and travelling the world is my favourite thing to do. I love getting to know new places and just getting away to clear your head and put everything into perspective. This was another lovely holiday and as a family we made some great memories. 

John Newman - Oh yeah! My sister and I went to see John Newman at Plymouth and we had an amazing time! He is such a brilliant artist and I am majorly in love with him. His dancing, well, it's brilliant. Hopefully I will be lucky enough to see him again in the future! 

Clothes Show Live - This is an event held in Birmingham which you have probably all heard of before. I had such a lovely time this year and luckily got to meet a few of the stars from Made in Chelsea which was amazing! 

Youtube/ Blogging - Lastly I just thought I would quickly mention about my Youtube and Blog. I try my best to upload content on to both my Youtube Channel and my Blog as consistently as I can. Working and going to College can sometimes get in the way of that and I don't have endless time free to create content. But I have managed to reach over 2,500 subscribers on Youtube and my blog followers are slowly rising too. I'm so grateful for everyone who has supported me through out and everyone who leaves me lovely comments! 

This year has been a great one even though it's had it's low moments. But like someone once said (I can't remember who haha) You've got to experience the lows to appreciate the highs. I believe everything happens for a reason so all we can do in times of sadness is smile, you will always make it through. 

Thank you for reading and lets see what adventures this next year brings us all!

Emily ♡


  1. Lovely post Emily. Happy New Year and enjoy all the wonderful things that are sure to come your way xx

    1. Thank you! Happy new year to you too, and you! xx

  2. beautiful post again as per i really hope you become extremely successful in both youtube and blogging your so good at it and your stunning to <3

    1. Thank you very very much!!! I'm so glad you like my Youtube and Blog, let's hope the future brings good things! xx