Monday 15 December 2014

Christmas gift guide for men #countdowntochristmas ♡

Here's another instalment of the 'countdowntochristmas' blog series. Such a good idea! Alongside a 'gift guide for her' we have now all created a 'gift guide for him'. We all know men can be a bit tricky to buy for wether that be your boyfriend, brother, dad or any other man in your life! So here's a little bit of inspiration, hope it helps! 

1. A wallet is something every guy needs so i figured this is a pretty decent present. You know it's something they will use and everyone needs one so why not! 

1. Chocolate. Any chocolate or food in general really, I guess it depends on what they like! But I'm pretty sure most guys (and girls) love food and especially treats like chocolate. (Lindt is a personal favourite of mine). 

3. A man tin. Now this is something I discovered whilst grabbing a coffee in the Costa upstairs in Waterstones where I live. And i've actually brought this as a gift for my dad, but it's fine, I know he doesn't read my blog haha. And dad if you've decided to suddenly read my blog and you see this, then just pretend you haven't seen this haha. 

4. Socks. Again, something everyone needs! Socks can be a super boring present if they're plain, so get cool socks? Topman have really cool socks for guys! 

5. Arber Eau de Toilette from The body shop. This stuff smells so good! I've actually brought this for a guy in the past lol but yeah it smells so gorgeous! Obviously you would buy them a scent they personally like though, this is just a suggestion! 

6. All men need a christmas jumper (or two) in their lives, so I figured this would be an awesome present! 

7. Music! I've used a picture of Ed Sheeran's fairly new album which is amazing!! But I just mean music/cd's in general! 


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