Friday 12 December 2014

My favourite seasonal drinks #countdowntochristmas ♡

It's that time of year now where Starbucks, Costa and all of the rest have brought out their Seasonal drinks. Now i'm a huge lover of coffee, tea, herbal teas, any hot drink really and you'll always find me with a take away coffee. Coffee shops are great at making your drink personal to you and I just love them! 

When they brought out the 'Pumpkin spiced latte' this year for autumn, I was super excited to try it and I loved it!! I had quite a few whilst they were available, but sadly they're gone now to make room for the christmas drinks!! 

Again, this is the first year i've properly been excited about trying lots of different christmas drinks available. So here are my top Seasonal (christmas drinks) this year...

1. Gingerbread Latte! My favourite is from Costa, it's not too strong/sickly of gingerbread, it's just perfect. 

2. Praline Cappuccino from Costa. This was a new one for me, but its delicious! It tastes like a regular cappuccino but with a slight sweetness and nutty hint. 

3. Pukka Vanilla Chai. You can pick this up in supermarkets and they're quite often on offer. I love Pukka teas and this one is great for autumn/ winter and it has a spicy/ warm taste to it, mmm. 

What're your favourite seasonal drinks?


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