Thursday 23 October 2014

Tattoo Inspiration ♡

So if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen I've gone a little tattoo crazy recently. It's not too long until I turn 18 and one of the thing thats definitely on my bucket list is to get a tattoo (or a few) haha. 

Although I love the concept of tattoo's, It scares me a bit to know that's going to be on my body forever. I try not to think about it to be honest because I always believe that you should live in the moment and if you know something will make you happy in the present time, you should just go ahead and do it! 

So to make sure I don't end up with a tattoo that I regret, I'm planning way ahead and have been making little collages like these for a while now. I really love being creative and putting little ideas I like together, I think it gives you a much clearer idea of what you really want. 

As you can tell, i'm definitely one for black and white tattoos, and i'm quite fond of the minimalist look. I am tempted to get just a little something for my first tattoo to see how I cope with the pain, but at the same time I want my first tattoo to be something that i'm super in love with. 

I definitely love the idea of having a tattoo on my ribs/side boob, but i'm not sure what would look right there. I really love the heart design, but i'm not sure that would look right there. 

What are your views on tattoos? Also, feel free to send me any links to tattoos you think I may like!

Thanks for reading, Emily 

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