Friday 10 October 2014

Lush Haul ♡

So this had to happen sooner or later considering all of the new Lush Halloween/christmas/Autumnul products are now out!! I have always been a huge lover of Lush products ever since my sister worked there when I was younger.  I always remember our bathroom smelling of all of the wonderful smells that Lush creates. You can imagine how jealous I was when I saw that a few bloggers last week got to spend the evening in a Lush store, wear pyjamas and try out all of the new products!

The first product I picked up was a new one for me. This is a chunk of the Yog Nog soap. Oh my...I don't think i've smelt anything so delicious in my whole life! It smells like fudge and starts to melt just by touching it. I am so excited to use this soap, I can tell it's just going to be so delicious and creamy for super soft skin. 

Next is a christmas staple of mine (and probably everyone's) from Lush, SNOW FAIRY!! This is such a lovely shower gel and it just reminds me of christmas and wonderful, happy times. I could honestly sit and smell this for days. Some people find this way too sickly, but I bloody love it!

I saw this bath bomb for the first time in Zoella's Lush haul and instantly new I needed it! Its so colourful and pretty, I fell in love! This is the Luxury lush pud and well, I think it speaks for itself really. I cannot wait to see what colour it turns my bath.

Next, i picked up a little Father christmas. This is the cutest little bath bomb, and apparently they make him every year but this years one actually looks like father christmas (unlike the other years). The smell of him is absolutely gorgeous, quite sweet. I used this bath bomb last night and I was shocked when it started to fizz, my whole bath turned a very strange colour! head over to my instagram to check out a photo of it.  

'So white'. This little beauty smells AMAZING and really quite different from any other bath bomb i've smelt before. It smells of apples and just christmas in general, I love it! I'll admit, it looks kinda plain on the outside, but i'm hoping to find a surprise when I pop in in the bath.

Last but definitely not least is my all time favourite 'Magic wand'. This product is essentially a wand that you swish around your bath, it makes bubbles, smells of snow fairy and you can use it over and over again! I love this product and is a necessity every christmas for me!

I hope you enjoyed my little Lush haul. I figured a blog post was more appropriate than a video as there wasn't a huge amount. Speak soon! 

Emily ♡

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