Friday 25 July 2014

What's in my carry on/ hand luggage for Majorca | Tips and Tricks

So if you're reading this and you watch my Youtube videos or you follow me on Instagram,  you will probably know that I am off on my travels tomorrow to Majorca and am very excited about it! 

I uploaded a new video on my channel this morning that you can watch here. I also wanted to show you guys what I will be taking in my carry on/ hand luggage and just a few tips and tricks I use when deciding what to take with me, so I decided I would write a quick little blog post.  

What I have in my hand luggage-
-Iphone 5
-Headphones (skinny dip)
-Iphone and iPod charger/ charging phone case
-Reading book (Every day by David Levithan)
-Magazine (Glamour)
-Reading Glasses
-My Purse (Louis Vuitton ;)
-Essential make up (Foundation & mascara)
-Mini Clinique moisturiser
-Polaroid camera and spare film
-Hand sanitiser 
-Carmex lip balm
-Body Shop Strawberry mini hand cream
-My 5 year diary (This thing is incredible)
-Chewing gum/mints

-Liquids (including any makeup products) must be in a clear plastic bag. You can put up to 10 items in the clear bag as long as they are all under 100ml. 
-If you're travelling on a long haul flight (which I'm not) you should really look after your skin by taking off your makeup and giving your skin a mini facial. Moisturising is key because the air on aeroplanes can be so drying for your skin. 
-To wear comfortable clothes/shoes that will also be appropriate for the weather when you land the other side! 
-Sweets or chewing gum are great to ave on the plane if you suffer from ear ache.
-Lastly, to take lots of photos because they're always lovely to look back on!!

I absolutely love visiting different places around the world and travelling properly is definitely something I would love to do in the near future.


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