Friday 6 March 2015

10 things I do on my day off...

I fancied writing a post today talking about what I like to do on my day's off. It's currently my day off today (Friday) which is great and i'm home alone too. So I thought I would let you all know some of the things I get up to!

1. Spend a few hours lounging around in bed...because I can.

2. Breakfast in bed! I go downstairs and make some breakfast and take it back up to bed with me. I usually have pancakes with berries or waffles. If i'm having an 'I don't care what I eat today' day then I will have Nutella or Biscoff.

3. Drown myself in Tea and/or coffee. I usually have tea in the morning, then 1 or 2 coffee's the rest of the day. Now I have a Costa machine in my house it's all too tempting.

4. Take some Instagram photos of my food/drink and try to make then look all arty haha.

5. Youtube! I watch a lot of videos on my days off to make sure that I am up to date with all of my subscriptions.

6. Reply to comments! I make sure that I always reply to every single comment that I can because I love chatting to people and its just lovely in general. 

7. Film a video or two. Some days I manage to get 2 done, but it's usually just 1 because I like to edit and upload that same day and that is very very time consuming. 

8. Take some photos for my blog. This is something I actually really struggle with. I would say I'm quite a creative person but I always seem to get a mental block whenever it comes to taking photographs of make-up/ products, I have no idea why. I think i'm just too harsh on myself and if I don't think the photos look perfect then I won't use them. So I find myself scrolling through my favourite blogs for hours looking for some sort of inspiration. 

9. Workout. On my days off I usually try to eat relatively healthy and drink a lot of green tea because when I'm at college I eat far too much junk food. I also force myself to do a workout every now and again and if the sun is shining I'll go for a run too. 

10.  Catch up on trashy telly. We all do it, don't lie. I make sure i'm up to date with all of the rubbish shows I like to watch such as Take me out, Dinner date, Ex on the beach, TOWIE, Made in New York, The Undateables, that sort of thing. 

What do you get up to on your days off?

Lots of love x


  1. Love this post!

    I feel the same way about blog photos. It's so hard to get in the right mind set when it comes to photography for me!
    Have a good weekend!

    1. Thank you! Yeah me too, it can be so tricky. I hope you have a lovely weekend too!

      Emily x