Friday 16 January 2015

ECOTOOLS Fresh And Flawless Complexion Set

So although I just got a beautiful new Zoeva brush set, I also got this brush set for christmas which is the gorgeous ECOTOOLS Fresh and Flawless Complexion set. These are by far the prettiest make-up brushes i've ever seen and they are so super cute and tiny too! 

They're so so soft, and excellent for travelling due to their miniature size. I have just fallen completely in love with these make-up brushes. I believe they're only £11.99 and you can get these in Boots or on 

All together you get 5 little brushes in this kit and they're all to help you achieve a flawless complexion. I especially love brush number 2 (the blue one) as it's amazing at blending out concealer, especially around the eye area. Brush number 5 (pink) is probably my other favourite as it's great for using powder with to set your make-up or you could also use it for blush/bronzer. 

At such a low price I think that this little brush set is such a staple for your make-up kit. They would make a gorgeous little gift too. I also think that these brushes would be great if you're just starting out with make-up as they're not too pricey and with the help of all 5 brushes you have everything you need to create a flawless complexion! 

Emily ♡


  1. Loved this post, can you please do a diet/fitness routine either on your blog or youtube! x

    1. Thank you! Yeah that is a nice idea, I'll have think about it! x