Wednesday 24 December 2014

DIY Quick And Easy Orange Hot Chocolates ♡

Merry Christmas eve everybody! I've been wanting to create a DIY Festive drinks blogpost or video in a while but it took long than I expected to prepare for it. This is a drink that I created just over a week ago and it is so delicious I thought I should share it all with you! 

These Orange Hot Chocolates are super quick and easy to make and hardly require any ingredients at all. 

You will need: 

* Terry's Chocolate orange pieces 
* Milk
* Hot Chocolate Powder
* A glass/ Mug
* A Jug
* Sprinkles
* Whipped Cream

Step 1 - Heat up your milk in a microwave, I did this for 1 minute 20 seconds and it was just perfect. 

Step 2 - Stir in a little hot chocolate powder and add in as many Terry's Chocolate Oranges pieces as you like. Once it's all melted, pour into your glass/ mug. 

Step 3 - Add whipped cream and some sprinkles. Enjoy!! 

Emily ♡

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