Saturday 17 December 2016


Hey everyone! As you may have seen if you've been watching my weekly Vlogmas videos, I had the Tanya Burr advent calendar this year. There were 12 doors on the calendar which meant 12 goodies! 

There were definitely a few things that I will use, however there were also a few things which I don't think were great or weren't to my taste. I thought I would write a post for today sharing with you guys what I got in it.

- A compact mirror
- A nail file 
- A red lip gloss
- A pink lip gloss 
- A matte red liquid lipstick 
- A silver glitter liner
- A gold glitter liner
- A silver shimmer pot
- A gold shimmer pot
- A silver glitter nail polish 
- A gold glitter nail polish 
- A red glitter nail polish 

Like I said, some of the products I love and will definitely use such as the glitter liners and the nail polishes. But I do think that the nail file and compact mirror could have been a little more exciting.

I understand that the products were going to be christmassy, so red, silver and gold but I don't feel like the lip colours will suit me. I much prefer to wear nude lip colours but that's just personal preference.

Don't get me wrong, I really loved the calendar as a whole, I just think there are a few things I will give away to friends or family because they won't get much use from me! 

Did you have the Tanya Burr Advent Calendar this year? Let me know your thoughts.

Emily Rose x


  1. this looks amazing, the little minis are so cute and I love the colour of those lip glosses xxx