Tuesday 8 November 2016


Over the last year or so, sheet masks have become a huge trend in the beauty industry. They're pretty scary to be honest with you and I think a lot of people are slightly sceptical to use them because of the way they look. I wanted to write this post today to introduce you all to this sheet mask in particular because I have absolutely fallen in love with it. 

I get quite dry/dehydrated skin, especially throughout Autumn and Winter so hydration is key in my skincare routine during this season. I don't like switching up my staple skincare products too much incase they make my skin unhappy, however one of my favourite things to experiment with face masks. The best thing about the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask is that it's disposable. It only costs £1.49 (and is currently on offer in Boots). So if you find that it doesn't work for your skin, you're not left with a whole tube of product. It's pretty fun to use and doesn't make any mess like your average face mask. You just apply the tissue mask to your skin and relax for around 15 minutes. Once you take the mask off, you can just rub any left over serum/gel into your skin and that's it! It's very simple, yet effective. So far, I've only used one of these masks, but have already purchased a few more. My skin was left feeling unbelievably soft and hydrated afterwards and make-up application was made 10 times easier. 

I highly recommend this mask to anyone who suffers with dry or dehydrated skin and is looking for a quick and easy solution! 

Have you tried this mask? Let me know your thoughts! 

Emily Rose 


  1. I love to see how different opinions can be :D My skin didn't hate it but it was definitely dry afterwards. Have you ever tried their mask that heats up when you put it on? I am not sure whether you can actually get that one in the UK, but I personally love that one! Just a tip, if you can get your hands on it :) Have a nice day x