Saturday 20 August 2016

My Thoughts On Graze Boxes

It must have been way over a year ago now that I started a subscription with Graze. I kept at it for a good 6 months or so and I've gone through phases of ordering one off boxes, but last week I decided to take the plunge again and start a new '2 weekly' subscription.

If you aren't familiar with graze boxes, they're basically a cardboard box that gets delivered to your house as often as you like that is filled with delicious, healthy snacks. It's designed for people like me who love to snack, but want to try and cut down on crisps and chocolate and all of those other terrible snacks. You sign up to the website and fill out a section letting Graze know what you like and don't like, so you won't end up hating everything that's in your box.

In my opinion, it's such a fantastic idea that really does help me eat much healthier and not snack as much! The snacks that you receive in your box are usually really delicious, so it doesn't feel like your typical 'gross healthy food'. You still receive brownies, flapjacks, cakes and lots of other yummy little treats. There is such a variety of snacks they have on offer and I love the fact that you get to go through and rate each snack so that hopefully when you find a favourite, you'll receive it quote frequently.

This blogpost isn't sponsored in any way but Graze, I'm genuinely writing this because I think it's a great concept and I'm sure a lot of you will be interested in it (especially after you head over to the website and check out the snacks on offer).

I'm so excited to tuck into this box (as you can see, I've already had a flapjack, oops) and I'm also excited to see what I receive in my next one!

Have you tried Graze before? Let me know!


  1. These boxes do sound great and would be a good way of getting me to eat healthy snacks instead of junk food! I might try them out. x


  2. I love graze boxes! :) They are such a good idea for healthy snacks :) xx