Tuesday 5 July 2016

Tips For Flying & Flight Essentials!

As you're reading this, I'm hopefully lying in the sun drinking a cocktail with my girlfriends in Ibiza! I flew out to Ibiza yesterday which you all probably know if you Follow me on twitter or Instagram. I know that it's completely normal to get a little nervous for a flight and I know some people get more anxious then others. I'm usually okay with flying except I do freak out completely if I can hear or see someone being sick (which I've experienced on a flight before and I had a horrible panic attack). 

I understand how it feels to be anxious on an aeroplane and today I thought I would write up a little post sharing my top tips with you all and a few flight essentials I think help me a lot. 

Distractions - Keeping yourself busy on a flight is the best thing you can do. For whatever reason you get anxious, sitting and thinking about it isn't going to help, so make sure you've got things to keep you busy. I like to listen to Spotify or read a book. Although it's unsociable, I feel like putting my headphones in and concentrating on my music is my favourite way to keep calm on an aeroplane. You could maybe bring some magazines to read, or a colouring book or something just to keep you busy for the duration of the flight. 

Comfort - There's nothing more annoying and unnerving than being uncomfortable and fidgety on a flight. Make sure that your outfit is super comfortable. I also sometimes like to make sure I've got a hoodie or something to snuggle up to on the plane to have for comfort. I also like to make myself at home on a flight and take my shoes off. I absolutely hate fluffy socks...I have a huge phobia of them and I don't know why, but if you're not completely weird like me I could imagine they would be really comforting to wear.

Positive thinking - I know this is easier said than done but if you're feeling slightly panicky on a flight, just remember why you're on it! Start planning in your head some of the things you're going to do when you land and just remember how much fun you're going to have, wherever you're going! I'm so excited for Ibiza with the girls and I know that if I feel anxious at all on the plane I'll just keep telling myself it's completely worth it for all of the fun times I'm going to have and all of the memories I'm going to make!

These are just a few ways that I like to keep myself calm on a flight. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on Thursday over on my YouTube channel for a 'What's In My Travel Bag For Ibiza' Video if you would like to know in even more detail what I will be taking on the flight with me.

I hope this post was helpful to at least one person reading, if so, let me know!

Lots of love x

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