Sunday 17 January 2016

My Current Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

Over the past year or so I have collected a rather large total of over 20 MAC lipsticks. They're my absolute favourite and I literally never wear any there brand of lipstick. 

I'll link my 'Updated MAC Lipstick Collection' if you would like to have a watch of that and see all of the MAC lipsticks that I own, but today I'm going to be talk about my most worn, top 5 current MAC lipsticks. 

1. Velvet Teddy. An absolute classic that the world went crazy for a while back. When the whole 'Kylie Jenner phase' went on, everybody felt the need to own this lipstick (myself included) and I'm so glad I did because it's probably my all time favourite. It's such a great nude and I'll always love it. 

2. Whirl. I always describe this as a slightly darker version of 'Velvet Teddy'. It's a Matte formula but isn't overly drying on the lips. This lipstick is a great one to wear on a night out or for a dressy occasion as it's still a nude but is slightly dark to wear on a daily basis (in my opinion). 

3. Viva Glam 2. I LOVE THIS ONE! I was so hesitant whether or not to get it as it looks slightly dull and like all other nude creamy lipsticks, but it really does look incredible and so different from all of my other lipsticks. It's a satin finish so is more moisturising if you suffer with dry lips. It's a gorgeous everyday colour and is definitely one I find myself reaching for a lot. 

4. Faux. An oldie! I believe this was one of the first MAC lipsticks I ever owned and to this day I still love it! It's just like 'Velvet Teddy' but has a slight pink tone to it and its' also much more hydrating.  

5. Cherish. Such a gorgeous peachy toned nude! I love wearing this when I'm a little more tanned so I cannot wait to use it this summer and create some make-up looks using it! This one is also a Satin finish so leaves the lips a lot more moisturised!

What're your favourite MAC lipsticks?

Lots of Love 


  1. Velvet teddy is a clear favourite for me too, it's stunning! Whirl is also another one that I'm very keen to try. xx


  2. I absolutely love Velvet Teddy, I recently did a post over on my blog about my favourite mac nude lipsticks. You've spoken a lot about 'Cherish' on both your blog and YouTube so I think it's one I'll have to try:)

    1. Me too! Yeah you definitely should, it's so lovely! x