Wednesday 23 December 2015

What's In My Advent Calendar | Week 3

Tuesday has come around again and you all know what that means!! It's time to show you the 7 things I've received in my advent calendar over the last week...

Day 1 - Thorntons Chocolate Smiles! Ever since I was a little girl I've loved receiving chocolate money at christmas time, it's sort of a christmas tradition for me. These chocolate coins from Thorntons look incredible, I love anything from Thorntons! 

Day 2 - Zoella Kissy Missy Lip Balm! This smells SO good I could quite easily eat it (but I won't of course). This is such a cute little stocking filler and is a lovely little product that adds a nice pink tint to your lips as well as moisturising.

Day 3 - Marks & Spenser Mono Eyeshadow 'Heather Satin'. I just watched this on my hand and it feels so soft! Feels like it would be super creamy and really great to blend. I reckon this shade will be a perfect highlight colour for under the brow bone. 

Day 4 - Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Leave In Hair Mask. I rarely use hair masks but it really is a habit I should get into doing more often as they're so great for your hair. This would also make a great stocking filler as it's a fantastic way to try out a product before splurging out on the full size one.

Day 5 - Cash Match Scratch Card! I WON £10 WOO. I was actually having a pretty rubbish day until I scratched of this card and discovered that I had won £10, now I just need to go and cash it in!

Day 6 - L'Occitane Divoine Flora Beauty Milk - This is a really lovely little travel sized 'beauty milk' which is essentially a moisturiser. If you like floral scents, you'll love this. 

Day 7 - Marks & Spenser Formula Eye Cream. This is formulated for sensitive skin which I do quite often get so I'm excited to try this eye cream out and see if there's any improvement! 

I can't quite believe how fast December is going! I really hope you're enjoying these little posts. Only 1 more instalment to go! 

Lots of love x

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  1. I really want to try the Zoella lip balm, I love the colour of it! Such nice stocking fillers.