Wednesday 29 July 2015

Pandora Rose Collection | Feather Ring

As you all probably know, I'm a huge sucker for anything rose gold (as are most people these days). I'd heard that Pandora were bringing out a new Rose Gold range so when I went shopping a couple of days ago I had to pop in and see what took my fancy! 

Of course, I loved everything, however unfortunately I don't have the money to buy everything I love, but there was one thing that I just couldn't leave the shop without being able to call my own. 

The feather Pandora ring has been in their original ring collection since the very beginning I believe and I have always loved it and been tempted to buy it. Being rose gold, the love was too much to handle and I just had to get it. So I treated myself to this beautiful Rose Gold Feather ring. 

The whole range is absolutely beautiful and if you love rose gold just as much as I do you may want to check out this link and have a browse yourself! 

Lots of love x


  1. This ring looks adorable, i wish i could buy it, i love how feminine it is!
    Rose gold id the best one for sure:)

  2. Pandora rings are my fav! They are all so pretty, and this one is gorgeous, I love the feather detail and the fact it's rose gold! I may have to have a gander at the new range! xx

  3. that's a really beautiful ring.. i loved it ! wish i can have one though :3