Wednesday 4 March 2015

This Or That TAG

I have been tagged to do another one of these sort of posts by Amy. Click here to have a peek at her answers! But in the mean time, here are mine...

1. High end or drugstore?

I just read through Amy's answers and feel as though mine are going to be very similar! I absolutely love treating myself to a high end product, the feeling is great. But saying that I would probably choose drugstore just because I feel as though I use more drugstore products than high end and obviously they're a lot more affordable! 

2. Straight or curly hair?

On myself, I prefer curly hair. I like to plait my hair before I go to sleep so it's wavy in the morning. My hair doesn't like being straight as it's naturally very curly so never stays straight. I love my hair to have a bit of texture so I would definitely say curly! 

3. Summer or Winter?

As much as I love snow and snuggling up on the sofa in front of a fire, I 100% have to say Summer just because I feel as though Summer is where all of the best memoirs are made. Going on holiday is my all time favourite thing to do (especially to hot countries) so summer for sure.

4. Coffee or tea?

A difficult one for me. It's strange because up until a couple of years ago, I couldn't stand either of them. Now, i'm obsessed...with both. But I would choose coffee over the two just because there is a much bigger variety. My choice of coffee would either be a Skinny mocha latte from Costa, or a Skinny white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. 

5. Late night or early morning?

Well, I definitely don't enjoy waking up early in the morning. I also don't enjoy staying up super late every night, but I would choose late nights out of the two because I do usually end up going to bed quite late because I get distracted by Youtubers!! 

6. TV or Youtube?


7. North or South?

I'll be honest, I didn't really understand that one. I am not one to ask when it comes to Geography. But after reading Amy's tag, I will say South because I absolutely love London, and apparently that's South! 

8. Heels or Flats?

Even though i'm terribly short and should wear heels every day of my life, I will have to say flats. Just because I own a lot more flat pairs of shoes and they're just a lot comfier and more convenient for every day wear. 

9. Night in or Night out? 

Oh go on, I'll be fun and say a night out. I love getting ready and dressed up for a night out! But I do love a nice bath and a night in my pi's just as much.

10. Save or spend?

SPEND SPEND SPEND all the way! hahaha. No, I do love to spend money (evidently) but I wouldn't say I'm silly with it. I know when enough is enough. I enjoy spending money on make-up and clothes etc and that's what I love to do, but at the same time I am pretty good at saving too.

If you're reading this, feel free to do this tag too! Just remember to let me know you've done it as I would love to read your answers.

Lots of love x

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