Tuesday 24 February 2015

February Beauty Wish list

After spending all of my spare time watching youtube videos and drooling over wonderful products I don't own, I decided it was about time I made another wish list and shared it with you all. 

Soap and Glory Supercat liner - I've decided that I need this liquid liner in my life after watching a 'Beauty Chat' video with Lily and Anna. It's from the drugstore so I know it won't be too pricey and this is something I've wanted to try for a while now. After they both talked about how much they loved this product, I thought that it deserved a place on this wish list and it's definitely something i'll have to invest in. 

Hourglass Ambient lighting powder - Ruth from 'A model Recommends' has made me lust after this product so much!! It's a soft powder that comes in 6 different shades. Each shade leaves a different finish on the skin and the one I would love to try is 'Ethereal' which is supposed to leave your skin looking glowing and gorgeous. The powder diffuses the light so helps to brighten the appearance of the skin and give it a boost of radiance. 

DIOR Glow maximiser - This primer looks so beautiful and when Ruth used it on her skin in this video it made me want it even more. This radiance boosting primer is supposed to instantly brighten the complexion of your face and give your skin a spectacular glow (which i'm all up for) so this is something I would absolutely love to try, perhaps if I feel like treating myself. 

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Serum - I feel like I need this product in my life right now more than any of the others. Sammi from 'BeautyCrush' always goes on about how incredibly hydrating this serum is on her skin, and that is what I need right now! I get quite dry, dehydrated skin and am always on the hunt for moisturising, skin quenching products. I think at £17 this product is very relatively priced too (especially if it works). 

The Microdelivery Peel by Philosophy - Philosophy is a brand I don't hear a great deal about. I've tried one of their cleansers before but wasn't all that impressed. After seeing Ruth demonstrate this product in one of her latest videos, it's made me really want to give this a go. I often have to be careful when it comes to exfoliating products as my skin can be quite sensitive to abrasive products, and it's not the most 'budget friendly' product that can be found in boots, so i'm going to have to have a good think before I consider investing in this system. It is a 2 step peel containing Vitamin C peptide crystals to brighten the skin and an acid activating gel. I think this kit looks super interesting and I can imagine that the results would give you a really lovely, brightened complexion, but like I said, I just need to have a think before I spend almost £60 on it. 

Lots of love x

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