Wednesday 12 November 2014

Having a LUSH evening ♡

I had a mini pamper evening this evening so thought I would write a last minute little post about it. I used 2 LUSH products, the 'Northen Lights' bath bomb and my absolute favourite 'Brazened honey' fresh face mask. 

Pamper evenings are one of my favourite things to do and my favourite way to relax and have a think about everything, so I would say I have at least one a week. 

Northen Lights - I was SO keen to try this! I've seen so many photos on Instagram of this product and just knew I had to try it. I decided to just use half of it as you can very easily make it last for more than one bath. Although I like the smell, it's not my favourite. It turns the bath a beautiful deep purple colour with streaks of pink and blue running through the bubbles. It leaves tiny little stars floating around in your bath which is so cute. I found that the bubbles disappeared super quick but thats ok because I still felt silky smooth when I got out of the bath. I'm looking forward to using the other half in another bath! 

Brazened Honey face mask - I think this is the first LUSH face mask I have tried and I have completely fallen in love. This mask is designed to wake up, refresh, brighten and detox your skin. It has ingredients like ginger, fennel, honey, almond and lime juice. The concept of keeping the mask in the fridge is great and really helps with waking up my skin. I don't actually think i've ever been so in love with a face mask! My skin looks brighter, feels so smooth afterwards and just feels super fresh after using this mask! I am so keen to try out all of the other face masks they do as I couldn't be happier with this one! 

What are your current favourite pamper products from LUSH? 


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