Thursday 30 October 2014

MAC prep and prime moisture infusion ♡

I've always been a lover of MAC products and i've grown to know that using a primer is super important if you want your make-up to stay looking fresh all day! I decided to try the MAC moisture infusion primer whilst scrolling through the MAC website, and I must say, i'm impressed. 

So, you're supposed to use this more like a serum than a primer and apply before your moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated through out the day, but I stupidly didn't read this and have been using this product as a primer (after my moisturiser)! It's been doing great things to my skin though and my skin definitely is feeling a lot more hydrated through out the day and my make-up has been looking fresh (with a little help from the body shop's Instablur). But now I know how i'm supposed to use this product, I will definitely try it that way haha. 

It feels so lightweight on the skin and sinks in super quick, but you can definitely feel it hydrating your skin, I love it!

Emily ♡

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