Tuesday 23 September 2014

REVIEW: The body shop Instablur ♡

I was planning on filming a video today but my skin is going through a rubbishy time at the moment. I suffer with eczema quite bad which comes and goes and annoyingly at the moment there is a lot on my face and a lot of dryness and its all just rubbishy so understandably didn't really want to be on camera and expose the grossness of my face to the whole world. 

Problems aside, I decided I wanted to do something creative and write a blogpost instead. I've sat down at my computer with a mug of Rhubarb and Strawberry green tea which is delicious and i'm going to say a few words about my holy grail product at the moment. 

The body shop's Instablur...

I don't know about you but I like my make-up to stay as flawless as possible through out the day, I think that's pretty normal right? I hate it when my make-up starts to wear off and I have to keep re applying it. The body shop's Instablur which is a fairly new product is amazing at doing just that. I have tried so many primers in the last year or so and this is by far my favourite. The Instablur is applied onto the skin onto of your moisturiser and underneath your make-up to create a shine free base that blurs imperfections and helps to keep your make up in place all day. 

I love how the instablur feels on my skin, it's light, yet does a great job at mattifying. I do still get slightly oily on my t-zone through out the day, but that can't be helped and I just touch up with a bit of powder. You can apply the product with a foundation brush (shown in pictures 5&6) or you can blend it all in with your fingers which I much prefer. 

The last picture just shows an example of a base routine (pretty much what I use everyday). 

Retailing at only £14 I think this product is great and I definitely will re-purchase before I run out of this tube as I honestly hate wearing make up now unless I have this on underneath. 


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