Friday 27 December 2013

Beauty advent calendar

Hello everybody! I hope you all had an amazing christmas and i hope that santa brought you everything you asked for. For me, one of the most exciting parts of christmas has always been my advent calendars. Tearing open the foil and getting a piece of chocolate everyday for 24/25 days was bliss! Now i'm older (although i do still very much enjoy chocolate) i don't find a chocolate calendar as exciting.

I started becoming interested in make-up and beauty around this time last year. I had seen on a lot of 'beauty guru's' blogs that the 'beauty advent calendar' had been invented. I then decided that i would buy one after christmas when they were a lot cheaper for the next christmas, so that is what i did. I brought my beauty advent calendar half price because it was after christmas and i used it this year. I must say, it took a lot of will power not to open it through out the year.

Below i will leave photos of the calendar and all of the goodies inside. Although some of the products i am not quite sure on, the whole concept is such a cool idea and i think it would make a great gift to anybody who is interested in trying lots of new beauty products!

I don't think this exact advent calendar is still available to buy but the same company made a very similar calendar this year which is available to buy here.

 From left to right: AS LONDON candle, YARDLEY English rose spray, THE VINTAGE COSMETICS COMPANY eyelash curlers, MONT BLEU glass nail file. 
 From left to right: NICKY CLARKE Instant calmer, ST TROPEZ instant glow body lotion, JO HANSFORD intensive masque for coloured hair, EVE LOM rescue mask. 
 From left to right: AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES bath and shower oil, BALANCE ME radiance face oil, RICHARD WARD volumiser root booster, PERRICONE  MD sunscreen.
 From left to right: TRIOLOGY rose hip oil antioxidant, BENEFIT they're real mascara, BALM BALM lip balm. 
 From left to right: L'OCCITANE hand cream, PHILOSOPHY micro delivery exfoliating face wash, STEAM CREAM moisturiser.
 From left to right: MAVALA rouge rubies 385 nail polish, BIO effect EGF serum, MIRENESSE velvet lip lift, BELLA PIERRE pigment.
 EPSA super active lift and firm intensive eye serum, super active lift and firm moisturiser. 
DERMALOGICA multivitamin power firm, skin smoothing cream, special cleansing gel, daily microfolliant. 

Emily x

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